vendredi 16 avril 2021

Fourth entry to the Old World Army Challenge : Keggox, Belius and friends

  Rank and files month, again !

Because now, thing are getting serious in this "competition", after Steve had literally broken the game with his Cult of the Colossus army, I pushed myself to paint my Keggox and friends !!

I didn't want to make it pink as the Great Spined Dragon, so I try different layers to make its skin closer to corrupted flesh. Its scales are purple because I like to imagine him as an Amethyst Dragon with amethyst gemstones fused with its scales. I did the base with tree bark and some GW complements.

I felt he was a bit lonely so I decided to paint some friends for him :)

I had since a very long time a huge barbarian from Stephane Simon's own range, Belius. Stephane Simon is an amazing French sculptor that worked a long time with Rackham (he did all the nasty stuffs, Apostate of Darkness, Molochs...).

His miniatures are a real pleasure to paint : I feel like the paint is going by itself on the miniature :D
The miniature is very realistic compared to my Oldhammer stuff, but I like it very much. It will be a giant or an half giant.

And to conclude, I decided to add those old dark elves: one sorceror with 6 shades. Anyway, no Slaanesh army is completed without a contingent of depraved dark elves right ? 

One of them I from Hasselfree miniatures.

I hope you liked them as much I enjoyed to paint them !

Time to talk about points : 

Keggox : 625 pts (count as Chaos Dragon)
Belius the Vicious : 200 pts (count as a Giant)
6 Shades : 78 pts
1 Dark Elf Sorceror, Lucius the Kinky (level 1): 68 pts

Total : 971 pts 

5 commentaires:

  1. keggox rend encore mieux que le GSD, faut dire que je suis toujours aussi fan de tes teintes chair. Oh, l'arbalétrier EN doit être la première figurine que j'ai achetée, il y a... bien longtemps :)

    NB : c'est vrai que le travail de composition du Cult of the Colossus army envoi du lourd !

    1. Ahah oui j'aime bien aussi cet arbalétrier, il est assez "typique" ;)
      Merci pour tes commentaires, je suis content qu'il te plaise. J'ai un peu galéré sur Keggox et puis ça s'est fait tout seul.

  2. Belle production, Keggox est encore et toujours une superbe pièce de collection. La mise en peinture est toujours aussi sympa. Bravo :)

    1. Merci mon tout beau ! Il ne demande qu'à se jeter à pieds joints dans tes régiments !

  3. Once again, these are superb. Your imagination and painting skills make these models amazing.