lundi 5 juillet 2021

Final entry for the OWAC IV : Chaos Altar and much more perversions


Yes !! Come into my arms my children !! The Dark Prince only wants your flesh !

Long time since I post something. I didn't even post beastmen I did last month. Honestly I wasn't so proud of them :D I had to rush the painting. But if you want to see them, you can check it here : on the OWAC Page

So here is the last month ! As I presented in my little background in my first post, I wanted that the climax of my army would be its none playable miniatures, the army bagage train. I find it so funny, to me it is a huge opportunity to craft a unique army with that.

I wanted to use the Wet Nurse from Kingdom Death, but I also wanted to have a lazy character on a throne or a chariot... surrounded by slaves, demons, worshippers of any kind.

Let's start by the Lady's followers. The miniature in itself is Cersei Lannister from Dark Sword Miniatures. I used many slaves from the amazing "Brother Vini" range and also some old metal miniatures like the bard, the demon, and the slaves from the RP amazons chariot.

The mirror behind the Lady is of course the mirror daemon from AoS. You will also recognize some GW flagellants.

my toys are broken, I need new ones...

Then comes the most infamous one... the Wet Nurse. I've found a weird super heavy Star Wars miniature on ebay, I decided it will pull the altar. I can imagine the Wet Nurse is a kind of altar, or maybe just a daemon prince of Slaanesh that walks with its worshippers. 

Directly inspired by Hellraiser and Event Horizon, I wanted the high priest to be completely perverted. So want I saw the position of his arms I imagined him tearing his eyes off his face to offer them to the Dark Prince.

Thank you my Lord for showing me such beautiful things...

Then I imagined that the altar would be such a vision of madness that it could have an aura encouraging self mutilation, forcing cultists to offer their own flesh to Slaanesh.

Yes, please, Mighty Slaanesh, accept my flesh sacrifice, my own leg !

Some razor tails to have more fun...


What's better than a leather armchair for a Slaanesh army ? 

I hope you'll like it as much as I enjoyed converting/painting them ! 

So no points this month, this is my wild card. Can't wait to make the global picture of them !

4 commentaires:

  1. Les deux pièces sont sublimes. Dans la première, coup de coeur pour le démon au fouet (d'ailleurs d'où vient cette fig ?)au milieu des humains dépravés, le genre de trucs que l'on trouve dans les enluminures médiévales sur l'enfer/les pêchés/etc. Dans la seconde, mention spéciale pour le rancor tracteur :) La wet nurse, une valeur sûre. C'est celle que tu avais déjà peinte, ou une nouvelle ?

    1. Hello !! Et merci à toi ! Alors le démon c'est une fig trouvée sur ebay, Ral Partha je crois, peut être grenadier mais je ne pense pas. Je suis content qu'on ait la même ref en tête ahah !
      Pour la wetnurse, c'est une seconde, la première je l'ai offerte à un pote quand j'ai arrêté. Merci pour ton regard aiguisé !! ;)

  2. I'm just in utter awe, there's no other way to put it. Absolutely fantastic modelling and painting on these, they're stunning.

    1. Thank you !!! and sorry for replying you so late, I have been busy last year :)