samedi 7 novembre 2020

Behold true damnation: painting Azazel

 I had this miniature on my desk since a long time and I decided to finish it this week. I've alway loved this Daemon Prince. I couldn't buy it when I was a kid but I remember his background was pretty explicit and inspiring. More than ever it was one of the only character dedicated to Slaanesh.

The miniature was sculpted by Trish Carden (Morrisson) at the end of the 90's I think, for the 5th edition of Warhammer Battle.

As I putted him on a big round base, I felt he was a bit lonely on it, so I decided to add something more "slaaneshi" than skulls and grass. First I wanted to put slaves on it, but I finally decided to use this column with prisoner from Brother Vini range. I like the idea that he fights in an old temple of Slaanesh, in the middle of debauchery and blood sacrifices.

The light "erases" a bit the colors and details, but I loved to paint him !

mardi 3 novembre 2020

Dark riders seeking victims & entertainment

 Long time no see !

I felt less motivated after finishing my Emperor's Children army, maybe I need to digest it before starting something new. As I was supposed to play with Patatovitch to complete the narrative campaign 'Tears of Isha", I decided to paint a second unit of dark elves dark riders.

Of course they will be 6, but I added a dark elf hero representing the leader in the ToI campaign. Usually I don't like dark elves of this time (3rd Ed), but this one is an exception. His steed is a cross-breeded with a drake and the miniature is pretty charismatic.

As I didn't want to spend too much time on them, I kept it simple with some beautiful details, as I am used to do.

Let the hunt begin !!

Some details on the character, the shield is from Knightmare Miniatures.

dimanche 6 septembre 2020

Emperor's Children : a complete army !!!

 Today is a sacred day in Slaaneshi calendar : I have finished to paint all my Emperor's Children !! And there is no surprise, we are on the 6th today !!

First ugly global picture : 

From right to left : 

And now, time for some close up :)

My Chaos Sorcerer with his pet :

A Chaos sorcerer with his pet

The daemonic contingent : the All-mighty Thul-sodom and his Demoiselles

Thuld'Sodom, himself

Renegade Chaos Squad 1 : 

The lust riders, I will post more of my Eldars of Slaanesh soon : 

Noise Marines in Terminator armor with their possessed Land Raider in the background : 

Slaves with support weapon : 

MK1 Predator, the last miniature I painted : 

Renegade Chaos Squad 2 : 

Veterans squad with close combat weapons 1 : 

Veteran squad with close combat weapons 2 :

The infamous Lubrifist with his kindred : 

Noise Marines squad 1 : 

Noise Marines squad 2 : 

Possessed marines squad, lead by Lucius :

Devastator Chaos squad 1 : 

Gomorra, Daemon Princess of Slaanesh : 

The perverted sisters, with their Princess : 

my chaos sorcere on mount/lord on mount

Veteran squad with heavy weapons : 

My possessed techmarine : 

And the best at the end : Inquisitor Baala'Dur and his retinue...

Here we are... this is the end of two years of work. Now I will focus on Warhammer Battle and a small for of corrupted guardsmen. I have also a small eldars of slaanesh force that I need to rework to present it as a single army.

Which is your favorite unit from this army ? 

lundi 31 août 2020

Last renegade squad : a classic Noise Marine and some lust riders

 I've just finished today my last squad of renegades chaos space marines. Guess what. I can't believed it, after this last squad, I am done with my Emperor's Children army...

I am done with my Emperor's Children army...

I am done with my Emperor's Children army...

I am done with my Emperor's Children army...

I am done with my Emperor's Children army...

I am done with my Emperor's Children army...

I am done with my Emperor's Children army...

Seriously !! I am done with it. I just need to paint one last MK1 Predator and I am done. Will take pictures of the entire army later.

Here is the last squad, lead by a classic Noise Marines

Now they are side by side with the devastator squad I painted last time

Joined by the mighty lust riders... some eldars, perverse enough to ride the Dark Prince mounts... 

And now, all together, with all the minis I painted during this summer for Warhammer 40K

What do you think of it ? 

Now I am done with 40K, I will make just a small corrupted imperial guard army and then, dedicate all myself to Warhammer Battle !! 

lundi 17 août 2020

New toys of destruction : Renegade Devastator Squad

I had them on my desk since a long time... (yes I know, there are a lot of things on my desk) and as the weather is colder now, I decided to paint those lovely fellows.

This squad breathes subtlety : 2 heavy melta gun, 1 heavy plasma gun, they should be able to disintegrate anything they cross.

I mostly used contrast colors with many lightenings until white. I am quite happy with the result, they fit perfectly with the infamous Lubrifist, the Chaos Dreadnought.

What do you think ? Are they "Realm of Chaos" enough ?


dimanche 16 août 2020

Battle Report : Beneath the Howling Stars

 Hello folks !

I was invited last week by Julien to try his new table, with a strong chaotic theme.

The table is very beautiful and finely detailed but it is a bit complicated to play with it for Warhammer.

The story was simple: Malefica, the dark elf high Priestress of Slaanesh had clear sign from her patron, true power will come after defeating Urgull, the Chaos Lord and his horde.... in the realm of Chaos.

The background was set : dark elves will be raiding the chaos slaves in their own territory. We played Warhammer 5th Edition, as usual and I decided to play with the last miniatures I painted. The core of my army will be a strong sorcerer and her suite with some Slaaneshi Chaos allies... (slaves).

My list : 

Malefica, level 4 sorcerer, on foot

Kularis, dark elf general, with the cold one knights

18 dark elves witches

6 cold one knights

12 crossbowmen

2 bolt throwers

6 dark raiders

6 shades 

6 harpies

Allies : 

Shagass, level 1 sorcerer of Slaanesh on cocatrix

Shuguluss, champion fo chaos on chariot with 2 marauder chariots

The deployment was without surprise, I put the bolt throwers on the hill hidden by harpies and  protected by crossbowmen

The cold one knights were in the middle, supporting the witch elves

On my right, I decided to protect my flank with my chaos allies ("send them the Dark Prince' slaves, their blood is worthless...")

My saucy allies : 

And of course, dark raiders and shades used the forest to progress in front of enemy lines...

In front of me, Julien's beautifull Chaos Undivided Horde...

Chaos Knights and Chaos Lord...

Chaos Warriors : 

Chaos Trolls with a Chaos Champion (and Chaos Marauders with a level 3 Sorcerer in the back)

Two armies are facing to each other : 

I took turn 1, so I decided to advance with everyone and to put the sorcerer on cocatrix on the right, flanking his line sneakily...

He succeeded to petrify one chaos knight and I shot 2 of them at the shooting phase. The chaos lord, started to feel lonely.

At his turn, he advanced. too, but a too much and I counter charged him with my knights and chariots. The chariots literally erased the chaos knights, but not the chaos lord that destroyed 2 of them.

The knights charged the chaos warriors, but they were not motivated enough and the fight ended on an equality.... exposing the witches to the trolls... 

Trolls howled at the refined elves and killed 7 of them.... 

Fortunately, dark magic was stronger and I succeeded to break his lines on turn 3. Trolls and Chaos warriors were gone, leaving the marauders facing the entire dark elves army...

Malefica whine with pleasure watching see her enemies devoured by the Harnzipal's Horror... their screams will announce her enlightenment !